Rapid CRM design and development

We create CRM systems that people actually want to use.

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Transforming internal and customer facing CRMs

We often find that businesses struggle with CRM adoption because systems are slow, difficult to use and overly burdensome. Before you know it, teams create work arounds outside of the system and the problems become permanent.

Whether your system has been built internally or has been delivered on software such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, we can work with your product, development and customer service teams to increase adoption and customer satisfaction levels.

Conor Murphy

“Plug & Play really got to grips with our complex financial products, processes and users – highly recommended”

Conor Murphy

Conor Murphy, CEO

We make CRM systems more efficient

We’ve worked with a number of clients to improve the efficiency of their call centre teams. Their goals were to increase customer satisfaction and decrease operational costs.

We conducted user interviews to identify meaningful interface improvements. By combining these insights with our extensive knowledge of user experience we created a streamlined interface for call handling. We successfully increased call efficiency and decreased time to resolution which lead to shorter call queues. The resource needed to train new team members on the system also decreased.



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CRM design

Our experienced CRM interface designers work closely with stakeholders and end users to evaluate interface performance and consolidate the needs of your users with your business goals. They will lead the workshopping process, highlighting key blockers and opportunities within the user flow and recommending changes that will transform usability and performance.


  • Workshops
  • User journey mapping
  • User assessments
  • Analysis / statistical assessment

Creating the CRM user experience

Our design team create low-fidelity interactive wireframes to bring the new user journeys to life. After a number of iterations to hone the user flow and important touch points, we increase the fidelity of the designs. We do this by incorporating brand, animation and interactive elements to engage users and provide an impactful experience.


  • Wireframe design
  • Clickable prototypes
  • High-fidelity design
  • Interaction design

CRM design and development

We coordinate with internal development teams to ensure that the final user experience is faithfully delivered in line with the designs.

Many of our clients have front-end development resource in-house, however we offer technical leadership and front-end development to clients needing to accelerate their time to market or without front-end resource.


  • Developer briefing
  • Technical leadership
  • Front-end development
  • Quality assurance

CRM Design Case Studies

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