My Optique Group

Streamlining a call centre by re-interfacing their CRM system

As the power-house behind eCommerce brands such as and, MyOptique Group manage the manufacture and distribution of online orders. The CRM / ERP system needed to be streamlined to improve customer service and drive business efficiency.

Lead time:
6 months
Retail, eCommerce
Target Type:
Call Centre Staff
Reduce Call Queues, Accelerate Call Resolution
Project Goal:
Reduce Staff Training Time
UX Design, UI Design, React Development

Before and After

MyOptique Group Before UX Design new My Optique customer report
  • Workshops with key user groups
  • User flows created
  • Wireframes produced
  • Designs produced
  • API end points designed in Swagger
  • React front-end development
  • Collaboration with back-end team
  • 1x UX Designer
  • 1x Senior React Developer
  • 1x Senior Front-end Developer
  • 1x Technical Project Manager

The challenge

Running an efficient call centre that can deliver high levels of customer satisfaction is vital for a large B2C business. We needed to accelerate the ‘time to resolution’ by making the platform faster and easier to use, reducing call queues and staff training in the process.

react front end development

Intelligent searching

We worked with the back-end team to create a dynamic ‘type anything in’ search field that would return intelligent results in a flash.

ux design for call centre crm

Order management

Focusing on how call centre staff interacted with orders resulted in a split-page solution to remove the need to move between pages.

creating an order

Glasses management

Every business and system has unique aspects. On this project, we needed to improve the way that dispensing opticians approved prescriptions.

new My Optique customer report

Customer management

Leveraging the split-screen view made working with multiple customer records and orders much easier, without changing pages.

Phil Osmond

“Plug & Play really understand what we are trying to do and we have a great working relationship”

react development

Moving from one call to another has become a much more streamlined process. By using the intelligent search and the split screen view, call centre staff are able to resolve calls more quickly, and therefore increase the overall number of calls they can take during their shift, reducing call queues.

By collaborating with the call centre team and documenting their feedback on the legacy system, we were able to gain buy-in from the team at an early stage, minimising change management friction.

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