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As an established platform, Eightcap identified that there were significant drop-off rates in their signup process for the application. There was a huge opportunity to capture more individuals during the sign up process. The application also offered users numerous benefits including a rewards scheme which was not being used.

Our challenge was to re-imagine the interface to guide new users through the sign up process, educate them on the platform benefits and reduce the overall support burden on the Eightcap team.

Lead time:
6 Weeks
Target Type:
Project Goal:
Reduce Sign Up Friction & Increase Engagement
UX Design & UI Design

Before and after

Eightcap old dashboard design Eightcap trading accounts dashboard
  • Workshops with key stakeholders
  • Creation of detailed user flows
  • Production of low and high fidelity wireframes
  • Custom design implementation
  • Aesthetic interaction design
  • 1x Senior UX Developer
  • 1x UI Designer
  • 2x Technical Project Managers
mobile sign up screen internal transfer between accounts rewards points activity graph

Our approach

We worked intensively with key stakeholders, users and developers in a series of workshops to gather insights and identify drop off points within the existing system.

Our UX team used the collective insights and data to re-define the Eightcap application framework. We created no-code clickable design prototypes for user testing ahead of the development process.

checking eightcap app on mobile
mobile view of live trading accounts page

The solution

Our UX /UI design solution focused on refining the user experience and developing a scalable framework and design pattern for use across the application. The new application design is responsive across desktop / tablet / mobile to deliver users with a consistent cross-device experience.

To address the complex sign up and validation process that was causing high drop off rates, we streamlined the sign up process. We did this by removing non-essential actions and addressing recurring pain points in the system. We introduced social sign-ups and SMS verification to reduce the time and effort required from the user while retaining financial regulation compliance.

To improve platform engagement and use of features, we gamified elements of the platform.

Rewards Store screenshot
deposit and withdrawal on desktop

“Plug and Play quickly developed a good understanding of our product and designed a new UI which is more engaging and user friendly. Highly recommended.”

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