World Wildlife Fund

The development of a Laravel carbon footprint calculator

WWF needed an engaging carbon footprint calculator that they could make available online, enabling the general public to calculate their carbon footprint and review their environmental impact.

The calculator needed to be scalable and robust, with the ability to handle hundreds of calculations at any one time. WWF knew that the calculations might vary over time depending on government policies and data sources, so we developed the calculator to enable the WWF team to amend the logic by uploading an Excel sheet into the backend system.

Lead time:
3 months
Not For Profit, Charity Websites, 3rd sector
Target Type:
General Public
Website Goal:
Measure Users' Carbon Footprints, Tool Management
Web App Development, Laravel Development, Vue.js Development
  • Laravel Backend Development
  • Laravel Nova Admin System
  • Vue.js Frontend Development
  • 1 x Digital Product Manager
  • 2 x Laravel Developers
  • 1 x Frontend Developer


We used the Laravel Nova platform to rapidly deliver the Admin interface.

Proof of concept

To de-risk the project we first created a proof of concept for the Excel sheet upload.

Amazon AWS

We created the product to scale and deploy easily on AWS.


The frontend development was delivered in Vue.js to a highly accessible standard.

Laravel Development

Our Laravel developers collaborated with the WWF internal development team to define the technical requirements and understand the calculator goals. We then recommended a delivery approach that would enable WWF to easily manage their data and the formula used within the calculator by uploading an Excel spreadsheet.

We created a backend web application to manage the digital product, which was to be scripted such that it could be auto deployed and auto scaled on Amazon AWS.

Creating a web app for a charity

By collaborating with WWF we created a high quality web app and delivered a scalable, secure platform for their Carbon Footprint Calculator. Our Laravel developers were able to deliver the project in a seamless way, to an incredibly high standard. Putting the customer first was key to the success of the project. We considered how the product would be managed and used by users and the WWF team in the long term after handover.

“Our internal team was impressed by the quality of their work. It was a really positive experience. We developed a great relationship with them. We’ve ended up with a better version of the product than we started with. It’s scalable and more robust and it’s enabling us to partner with other organizations in a meaningful way. We would like to work with them again on other projects.”

Chris Cottrell, Senior Digital Product Manager, WWF

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