Falcon X

UI design for a cryptocurrency platform

Falcon X is a cryptocurrency trading platform that enables investors to manage complex portfolios in a single dashboard. The platform is designed for investors to trade large quantities of cryptocurrency and bitcoin while minimising slippage that often occurs on big trades.

They challenged us to create a new interface design with improved usability and a superior user experience.

Lead time:
12 Weeks
Finance & Crypto
Target Type:
B2B & B2C
Investors & High Net Worth Individuals
Add value to the product by improving the usability and appearance of the interface
UI Design, UX Design, Animation Design
Cryptocurrency platform sign in
Crypto platform order book
Features develivered
  • Solution strategy
  • UX/UI design
  • Clickable wireframe prototypes in Adobe XD
  • Clickable design prototypes in Adobe XD
  • Platform animation design
  • 2 x UI/UX Designers
  • 1 x Animator
  • 1 x Product Strategist
  • 1 x Project Manager

Discovery and research

As a new cryptocurrency product launching into the market, it was important to assess competitor platforms and interfaces. We undertook a research and discovery process to understand the user experiences provided by other platforms and identify opportunities to outperform the market.

Successfully launching a challenger product into an established market requires an innovative and user centric approach. Our job was to identify where to innovate the UI and where to retain consistency with the market to deliver the most intuitive user experience.

We collaborated closely with the Falcon X team to create product value via the user interface, curating user journeys and screen layouts that would perform.

Falcon X crypto wallet

Our delivery

Understanding the end goal of the project for Falcon X, we split the deliverables into 3 key pieces of work.

— Phase 1: MVP

— Phase 2: MVP+

— Phase 3: Final Product

This project approach enabled us to deliver the most value in the shortest amount of time, launching the deliverables from each phase immediately after completion.


The investor dashboard is the pivotal screen of the platform and contains a large amount of complex information. Our UX designers created a solution that would enable user journeys to start at the dashboard and remain within a few clicks, displaying a high quantity of complex data intuitively within a single screen.

To handle the large amount of information, we implemented a range of dynamic drop down fields that only offered viable options based on the previous user selections. We also utilised hover and expansion states to maximise the space on the screen and simplify the user dashboard, without minimising the available functionality.

Our designers also created a bounce animation that activates as an investor scrolls down the screen, providing easy access to jump to and from the order book at the bottom of the screen.

Falcon X sign in

Secure sign in

We designed a 2FA login flow to enable secure sign in to the platform.

Streamlined user journeys

Slide out modals were created to streamline the user journeys around the core dashboard and provide additional information without deviating from the dashboard.

Order book

We designed a number of different views to represent the marketplace orders. This enables investors to digest the information in a view most suitable for them.

Crypto platform account UI

Interaction animations

Our UX team created a series of interaction animations to enhance the usability of the platform and utilise the space available on screen.

Load times can be a challenge on platforms like Falcon X that load huge quantities of live data. To combat this, we created a loading animation for the platform that enables the data and integrations to load behind the screen while keeping perceived load times high. Internal page load animations were also created to achieve a premium feel for users interacting with the platform.

Trading is dynamic and energetic and we wanted to capture this within the user interface. We did this with the design of animated data tables and graphs, as well as open and close interactions for various data points.

“We are pleased with the deliverables from the team. The work involved many complicated flows and data visualizations and the team was able to turn mock ups into functional designs.”

Vivek Chauhan, Product Manager

Responsive framework

Competitor platforms offer the ability for users to build their own dashboards and display the information in their preferred layout. However, the Falcon X platform needed to be usable on a number of desktop screen sizes. Achieving a high level of responsiveness without compromising the user journey was a huge challenge, given the large amount of data that needed to be available on a single screen. The nature of the information meant that making it all smaller wasn’t a possibility.

Keen to offer an improved user experience to competitors, we didn’t want to reduce the flexibility of the platform to achieve responsiveness. We created flexible, collapsable components that users could configure on the page using a framework that we created. The framework achieved responsiveness while also providing flexibility for the user.


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