Re-designing the User Experience and Interface for a SaaS CRM

As an innovative, VC funded SaaS web application, Xeus had followed a back-end-first approach to deliver functionality. The result was a highly functional web application developed by skilled programmers and software developers, but the interface was a technocratic mash-up of various UI plugins, frameworks and layouts.

Lead time:
4 Months
SaaS B2B Software
Target Type:
Business Owner Managers / Executives
Project Goal:
Improve Customer Perception & Conversion Rates
UX Design, UI Design, Front-End Development
Old Xeus Sales Pipeline Design New Xeus Sales Pipeline design
  • Workshops with key stakeholders
  • User flows created
  • Wireframes produced
  • Designs produced
  • API end points designed in Swagger
  • Front-end development
  • Collaboration with back-end team
  • 1x UX Designer
  • 2x Senior Front-end Developers
  • 1x Technical Project Manager
  • 1x Test Automation Developer

The challenge

The key challenge was that the customer perception of the product is the interface. A user’s experience of the product shapes their engagement and therefore the business results. KPIs such as visitor to subscriber ratio, net-referrer scores and user attrition are crucial for a platform like Xeus.

We were commissioned to take this rapidly innovated web application and re-skin it with a new UI in a highly compressed time-scale.

maximising sace to improve user experience

Maximising space

We needed to minimise the page furniture so that the data within the system was the primary focus for the user.

easy to understand user journeys

Familiarity built-in

Using a range of design patterns inspired from e-commerce shops and mobile apps, we were able to create easy to understand user journeys.

New Xeus Sales Pipeline design

Configurable Kanban

With a drag-and-drop kanban feature you can see record data in-page, making this the ultimate dashboard for sales and marketing teams.

ui design

Scaleable design system

The design tenets used create a design system that Xeus was able to use on-going as the product expanded.

Richard George

“Plug and Play took a broad and complex application and made it simple.”

Richard George

Richard George, Technical Director, Xeus

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