A new customer interface for a test data reporting service

Tesults is an automated test results data reporting service that offers their Technical Directors and IT Managers visibility on their automated testing. They challenged us to overhaul their user interface and present their data in an intuitive and digestible way.

Lead time:
6 Weeks
Target Type:
Technical Directors & IT Managers
Improve the user interface for customers
UX Design, UI Design

Before and after

The Challenge

Tesults had a user interface that was overcomplicated and difficult to navigate. It displayed large amounts of complex data and they needed a new design that would present this clearly, improving the user experience and making it easier for their customers to identify changes and prioritise tasks in their dashboard.

As a relatively small platform, Tesults needed a small but high quality design system that would enable them to improve their user experience while providing the flexibility to grow their platform in the future.

Our approach

We collaborated with Tesults to create a new design system that worked for their product. We reorganised the global page structure, rethinking the hierarchy of information, improving the usability of their navigation, and implementing design techniques to improve the digestibility of content.

Our UX team introduced single screen user journeys, utilising pull out modals and accordions to provide detailed additional information on the high level data.

The Deliverables
  • UX Workshops and Interviews
  • Adobe XD UX Design Prototypes
  • Adobe XD UI Design Prototypes
  • Design to Development Handover
  • 1 x Senior UX Designer
  • 1 x UI Designer
  • 1 x Project Manager

Live data is continually fed into the platform, updating the user dashboard.

The collapsable dashboard view enables users to focus on specific data and quickly identify failed tests.

Data can be assessed and managed easily by teams, with collaborative workflows, notes and cost tracking.


Modal overlays are utilised to quickly provide deeper information while remaining on the same dashboard screen.

“We’re currently about to relaunch the site and are excited to see what users think. It’s a night and day difference. The UX Design Agency were able to translate our requirements into something that exactly matched our needs.”

Ajeet Dhaliwal, Co-Founder, Tesults

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