Grand Prix Events

Boosting conversion rate by 111% for a Formula 1 ticket retailer

Grand Prix Events is an established online retailer of Formula 1 tickets. With a successful existing eCommerce platform, they were looking to increase growth and revenue in preparation for a business expansion. They needed to increase their conversion rate and search engine visibility.

Lead time:
12 Months
Events / Tickets
Target Type:
B2C and B2B
Wealthy Consumers / Corporate Hospitality
Website Goal:
Increase Conversion Rate
eCommerce Web Design
UK Digital Growth Awards - eCommerce Site of the Year Finalist
  • UX Conversion Design
  • Adobe XD Designs
  • SVG Interactive Maps
  • WordPress with WooCommerce
  • Varnish Cache
  • Global CDN Management
  • IP Location Detection
  • Multi-currency
  • Content Migration
  • Ongoing Support
  • 2 x UX Designers
  • 1 x Marketing Strategist
  • 1 x Digital Marketing Specialist
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 2 x Front-end Programmers
  • 2 x Back-end Programmers
  • 2 x Quality Assurance Testers

Post-launch website results

Our focus was to create user flows that would drive conversions. We needed to increase revenue by promoting engagement, eCommerce conversion rate and average order value.

+ 1 22 %
Increase in revenue as tracked by Google Analytics 6 months following launch.
+ 1 111 %
Increase in eCommerce conversion rate as tracked by Google Analytics 6 months following launch.
- 1 16 %
Reduction in bounce rate as tracked by Google Analytics 6 months following launch.
Grand Prix Events homepage on mobile Grand Prix Events mobile menu Mobile view of the Grand Prix Events ticket information page

Our Approach

Our research showed that customers bought tickets for a single grand prix race at a time, rarely browsing information for other events within the same visit. Based on this behaviour, we structured the new website to segment the content for each race. We grouped all race specific content and information together and implemented a race-specific navigation to replace the main navigation on scroll. By focusing on customer intent we were able to focus the user journey, remove distractions from the page and drive conversions on the site.

Grand Prix Events Homepage

Currency detection

Ticket price and currency is automatically determined based on the customer’s location in the world.

Grand Prix Events Desktop Menu

Race countdown

Countdown clocks are used to build anticipation for each race day and to prompt ticket purchases.

Grand Prix Ticket List Page

Interactive seat selection

We introduced a split screen ticket page layout to display ticket information alongside an interactive map. Users can choose their seat based on their desired position on the track. This simplifies the selection process and removes friction from the user journey.

British Grand Prix Ticket Page

On-page checkout

An on-page checkout is used to enable customers to checkout from a single page.

A mobile perspective

With mobile users accounting for almost 54% of visitors, the mobile and desktop experience needed to be comparable and provide a consistent cross-device user journey. We achieved this by implementing specific mobile functionality such as sticky call to actions, sticky navigations and slide out menus.

Reflecting the brand

As a fast and energetic brand it was important that the website reflected this. We implemented branded hover and load animations to engage users and provide a luxury feel, signposting users to their point of conversion.

Grand Prix Events Design Breakout

“Plug & Play understood our vision of creating an industry leading online platform to promote sports hospitality and event ticket sales. From start to finish they were always on hand to support us throughout. Deadlines and the proposed budget were met. I would highly recommend working with the Plug & Play team of experts.”

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